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E-Bike Check

Our e-bike check includes a series of checks and adjustments to ensure your bike is in top condition. Here are some of the things included in our e-bike check:
- Brake check and adjustment: brakes are an essential part of any bike. We make sure they are correctly adjusted and working properly.
- Checking all bolts: Loose bolts can lead to serious problems. We check all bolts to make sure they are tight.
- Checking and adjusting the gears: Well-adjusted gears make riding more comfortable and efficient. We check and adjust the gears of your e-bike.
- Checking all wear parts: Wearing parts can affect the performance of your bike and should be replaced regularly. We check all wear parts for signs of wear.
- Cleaning and oiling the chain: A clean and well-oiled chain ensures a smooth ride and extends the service life of your bike.
- Checking the tires for tread and air pressure: The tires are the only contact your bike has with the road. We check the tread and air pressure of your tires to make sure they are in good condition.
- Software update/error reading for Bosch engines: We carry out software updates and read out errors for Bosch motors.
- Diagnostic report for Bosch/Shimano motors: We issue a diagnostic report for Bosch/Shimano motors.
- Bike cleaning: A clean bike is a happy bike. We clean your bike thoroughly.
- Test ride: Finally, we take a test ride to make sure everything is working properly.

Would you like to know more about our e-bike check? You can reach us at +393404890532 or send us an email at We look forward to helping you keep your e-bike in top condition!