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Welcome to our bicycle workshop - experts for reliable repairs and professional maintenance

Bicycles are not only a means of transportation, but also faithful traveling companions. To ensure that your bicycle is always in top condition, we are your reliable address for repair and maintenance services. Our specialized workshop is by your side with expert knowledge and a friendly service team. We are also a service center for Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha and Fazua.

Our services:

1. bicycle repairs:

Quick repair of brake problems, shifting difficulties, flat tires and more.
Expert diagnoses and efficient repairs for all types of bicycles.

2. Maintenance services:

Regular inspections to ensure proper bicycle operation.
Thorough inspection and adjustment of all components.

3. customization:

Customization of gears, brakes, handlebars and saddle for optimal riding comfort.

4. conversions and upgrades:

Installation of high-quality accessories and parts according to your wishes.
Consulting on upgrades to customize the bike to your needs.

5. sale of bicycle parts and accessories:

Wide range of spare parts, tires, inner tubes, bicycle locks and more.
Quality products from reputable manufacturers for long-lasting bicycle equipment.

6. Expert advice:

Expert assistance in choosing bicycles, accessories and spare parts.
Tips and advice on the proper care and maintenance of your bicycles.

Why choose us.
Experience: our specialists have many years of experience in bicycle repair and maintenance.
Service orientation: friendly customer service and quick processing of your requests.
Quality: use of high-quality parts and accessories for long-lasting results.

We will be happy to help you improve your cycling experience!